Ozonator/ UV System

Ozone is generated when a molecule of oxygen is illuminated by high energy ultraviolet light. Ozone is formed when three atoms of oxygen are bound together instead of the normal two. The extra oxygen atom makes ozone a highly energetic oxidizer. Ozone destroys algae, viruses and bacteria on contact – with no harmful by-products. It also breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocculent, causing Total Dissolved Solids to be suspended and easily removed by the water filtration process.
Ozone oxidizes combined chlorine and bromine, freeing them to be continuously re-used. Therefore the use – and cost – of chemicals is greatly reduced. The UV system shall incorporate an exterior pressure gauge, pressure switch with by pass capability, drain. The chamber shall be constructed from injection moiled, UV inhabited, virgin polymeric material. Low pressure lamp, intensity Dose performance at lamp end of life.