Hydro massage relaxes muscles and relieves pressure on nerves. It increases blood flow to sore or damaged tissue. Buoyancy reduces body weight, therefore relieving pressure on joints and muscles.

Complete Jacuzzi or whirlpool kits with strategically placed Hydro-jet Nozzles. These nozzles are adjustable flow and direction, for massaging varied trigger points of the body, from neck, to the back, to arms all the way down to the soles of the feet. Kit comes with pumps, pipelines from Jacuzzi to pump suction and from pump delivery to Jacuzzi Nozzles Header for Water with necessary fittings. Suction port and Delivery Port at Jacuzzi. Suction Cap, Air Control, Air Switch, main power supply panel with contactors, relays and MCB and Remote control panel at Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi kit is also supplied with Filtration system to keep water fresh and sparkling in Jacuzzi. An electric heater can also be installed for enjoying hot whirling water in Jacuzzi.